Jessie Rigby is a contemporary artist, specialising in mixed- medium abstract landscapes, layered textures and dreamlike scenes.

Residing in the Macedon Ranges, with her husband Simon, son Sebastian and their two dogs: Spoodle Bonnie, and Schnoodle George, Jessie finds limitless inspiration in the local Victorian countryside, utilising her ‘artistic eye’ to translate her surroundings into stunning works.

Originating from the 'Rag Trade', Jessie completed studies in both visual arts and fashion. With this experience, she spent over a decade designing garments for beautiful Australian labels.

This early introduction to design, texture and colour has enriched Jessie' s creative flair and passion for whimsical aesthetics.

Applying her experience to the canvas, Jessie has developed a recognisable and "ingrained" colour palette, immediately appreciated by her clients.

Her works are created to ' calm and heal', and imbue a shared feeling of tranquillity and peace.

Following the success of her initial style series; ‘Nebula Haze’, ‘Silentus Montem’, ‘Roseous Nebula’ and ‘ Floss Series’, almost five years ago, Jessie has organically built an impressive and valued clientele base, who appreciate her stylish aesthetic, genuine presence, and warm  nature.

Jessie' s artworks are available as original pre-existing works, bespoke client commissions, limited- edition print ranges, and open- edition canvas reproductions. Original pieces can be sourced through her website and Instagram, some permanent exhibitions, and are also stocked in several artisan spaces, galleries and lifestyle stores across Australia.