FLOS SERIES #37 - 125cm x 125cm
FLOS SERIES #37 - 125cm x 125cm
FLOS SERIES #37 - 125cm x 125cm
FLOS SERIES #37 - 125cm x 125cm

FLOS SERIES #37 - 125cm x 125cm



This range was Inspired by the highs and the lows of the current Pandemic.

This collection was destined to be a part of group exhibition Beyond the Blue Horizon but was cancelled due to the mental space of some of the artists involved. It just shows how heavy the weight of this situation is.

My personal headspace has been mostly positive. We were fortunate to gain the full time presence of Simon (my husband) at home which means our Sons, Sebastian and Alfie have had their Dad home for breakfast and dinner every day. There is so much that he would have missed in their early childhood if he were still commuting into the city. 

Since giving birth to our second baby, Alfie, I have found my mental space to be a lot more of a rollercoaster. The pure joy of a newborn mixed with very limited professional post natal support has been an incredibly challenging.

I hope the mixture of pure joy and some sadness shown in these works shines through.

One off original Artwork by abstract artist Jessie Rigby

Framed Dimensions -125cm x 125cm

Acrylic and oil pastel on cotton canvas.

Inset framed in Australian Oak

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