H & Co + Jessie Rigby - LEATHER + HONEY

H & Co + Jessie Rigby - LEATHER + HONEY


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H&CO designs is delighted to enter into an artist series, showcasing some of our favourite Australian works of art.

Inspired by the warmth of Australian summers from Borealis Nebula Haze, this rich and earthly scent of a sun-drenched country will remind you of this great land. Top Notes: Tobacco and Bay. Middle Notes: Honey and Cacao. Base Notes: Leather and Musk

Our ‘Artist Collection’ is hand-poured, using a 100% soy and coconut wax blended with a selection of simply beautiful scents that are sure to please. Stunning in any setting, our white, curved base glassware with modern, minimalist labels and white metal lid, will complement any space.